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The Valentine One® Radar Detector offers the best radar and laser detection through technically advanced engineering and features quality construction for lasting performance. The Valentine One Radar Detector is designed to offer superior performance, above ordinary radar and laser detectors.

FOUR COMPARISONS — V1 vs. all other Radar Detectors
V1 vs. Other Detectors — animation showing why V1's Radar Locator and Bogey Counter bring all-around-your-car radar protection that the others can't match.

Comparing on the Road — choose a scenario from a list of on-road driving situations, then see for yourself as only V1 delivers actionable intelligence.

Comparing Design Features — see how other detectors still haven't caught up to V1's sophistication and convenience.

Comparing Radar Warnings — see how V1 shows Where and How Many on every alert while the other detectors just go "beep."

Ordinary radar detectors do not offer the technically advanced engineering and quality construction the Valentine One Radar Detector offers. The V1 is designed for excellent performance, long service life, and complete product support. See how the V1 Radar Detector compares to ordinary detectors using the links above.

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Valentine One Radar Dectectors are not sold in stores. We value customer satisfaction and understand our success depends on it. V1 Radar Detectors are backed with full customer support.