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Situation Awareness means setting priorities— knowing which threats to focus on at any given time. In halting urban traffic and mall parking lots, the unexpected moves of other drivers are a far greater hazard than radar.

So that you can keep your attention where it belongs, SAVVY turns down the volume of V1’s warning automatically at low speeds.

SAVVY has just one control, a thumb wheel that lets you select a speed threshold. Below your threshold, the loudness of each new alert comes through on V1’s Muted Volume (set this with V1’s Control Lever). Above the threshold you hear the normal loudness you’ve set with the V1’s Control Knob.

SAVVY stays nearly out of sight down under your steering column where it serves as V1’s power source. It replaces the Lighter Adapter or the Direct-wire Power Adapter. Just plug it into the OBD diagnostic port, standard on every new car and light truck built since January 1, 1996. Then plug V1’s power cord into one of the two, built-in RJ-11 jacks (the other jack powers all V1 accessories). The thumbwheel has eight settings from 15 to 65 mph. Choose one, or select the AUTO setting to mute all alerts, or the NONE setting to switch off automatic muting. You’re ready to go.

SAVVY is ideal for those who want to hide V1’s power cord. We include two wire clips and a beaded tie strap to secure the power cord to V1.

SAVVY fits in the palm of your hand and weights just 2.2 ounces.

SAVVY works with V1s of any age; buy it as an accessory or paired with a new V1 at a special package price.


  • SAVVY draws a small current from the car battery even with the ignition switched off.   Use caution in vehicles with weak batteries, or that go for long periods without being driven.
  • OnStar® cannot run its full diagnostic test if SAVVY or any other device is plugged into the OBD port.  SAVVY does not interfere with any other OnStar function.
  • Click here for a list of cars with SAVVY compatibility issues.