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How To Mount Your Laser Detector
Follow laser detector mounting instructions on pages 17-18. Laser Warning requires more care in mounting. Remember that laser is infra-red light, and the light path to Valentine One could be blocked by certain materials that are transparent to radar. Consider:

  1. Important: position Valentine One so that it’s level and pointed straight ahead.
  2. Avoid locations blocked by wipers or windshield stickers. Make sure glass is clean.
  3. Some windshields have a dark tint band across the top. Avoid mounting behind that band.

How To Recognize A Laser Encounter
On laser contact, your warning will be:

  1. European two-tone siren warning sound.
  2. When Ahead-arrow lights, laser is ahead. When the Behind-arrow lights, laser is behind.
  3. Bogey counter displays three horizontal bars.
  4. Strength-indicator bar graph shows full strength.
  5. LED indicates laser.

NOTE: The same visual warnings will be seen on the optional Concealed Display.

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