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V1 Moments

Our Archive of favorite V1 Moments

Welcome to real life, where reports of furtive and clandestine surveillance on your way to work put the ho-hum to Tom Clancy novels. Are you a "survivor?" We'd love to hear.

Alan Brock He had an Ordinary Detector June
Ed Cogan No means no May
Timothy Adams Three's a crowd April
Brian Stevener When V1 speaks, listen up March
Christopher Estevez Father knows best February
Justin Bedney One is the loneliest number January

Michael Boardman No defense against quick-draw tactics December
Peter Erdekian A town as dark as its Sheriff's heart November
Stefan Finn Wait till next time October
Greg Ware When K isn't Junk-K September
Thomas Louis Top grades for the Upgrade August
Donald Owens The ranger and the robot July
Brent Owens Situation Awareness in Indiana June
Craig Brehm Clothing the naked May
Scott Warren Road rage observed and rewarded April
James Clarke The boss got a V1 March
Stephen Slisz West Texas, where V1 takes a long view February
Gene Bostwick Silence is good until it isn't January

Glenn Batchelor V1 versus the dust collector December
JC Griswold Wee-hours ambush, no casualties November
Chris Cersley V1 spoke when it counted October
Daniel Hevelow Even if it's a gimmick, it's a great one September
Roger Madigan Seeing is believing August
Michael Edwards No longer bedeviled by lane-change false alarms July
J. Mueller No day of rest for the revenuers June
Tim Hankewycz The Max with the micro arrows May
Russell Spreeman This time the rear arrow takes the prize April
Mike Butt Cheap was my way, until it wasn't March
Charles Oliver Old Faithful isn't just a Yellowstone geyser February
Philip DeFranco Covering my six, and my butt January

Adolfo Montero, USAF ret. Staying put till the threat is exposed December
Robert Newton False alarms upgraded away November
Larry Toffoletto Will the real radar please identify itself? October
David Hogan Two sheriffs maintaining the peace September
Stephen A. Burger On the Res with my Kemosabe August
Eric Beam Heading for the Texas horizon July
Lonnie Kizer Leading from behind when it counted June
Jim Nikolopoulos Great Escape stories told and retold May
Kendall Smith Full alert in the YewPee April
Mike Mac V1 even sees the future March
Keith Urban V1 got the last word February
Alex Ramirez Arrows and better arrows January

Linwood Gilbert If it's not V1 it's a compromise December
Mark Hart A warning to the wise November
Ogden Dickson Must have been a no-wake zone October
Willy Tay Was there life before V1? September
Bruce Frye A lifetime of luck all used up in one bust August
John Murray The fish that got away July
Kyle Cooper Life after laser June
Mark Byers It really works May
Jim Niedermyer Another trip, another laser hit April
Shaun Chapman Soon it'll be a lasting relationship March
Raul Estevez The everyday story of double jeopardy February
Ed Burch Setting herself up for Valentine’s Day January

Andrea Aronson Max benched, V1 takes over December
Dr. Todd Narson A smarty behind a dummy November
Alexander Kappner Finds the Polizei, too October
Mike Rine Officer Friendly goes to the dark side September
John Case Max meets V1, comes in second August
William Pinel Three-AM infarction warning July
Mark Ruffner "Our Escort didn't go off" June
Ronnie Fiveash V1 says, "Uh-uh" May
Devin Foley What mom really needs April
Thomas Dube Attaboy, V1! March
Brian Burns Just between us alpha dogs February
Mark Cross A dark and not-quite lonely night January

William Montgomery Snookered by his own GPS December
Michael O'Leary On knowing when you're cooked November
Mark Sills Busting bass boats October
Bob Hoffmann D'ju see how fast the other guy wuz goin? September
Justin Barry Who dat say dat BEEP-rap? August
Brian Kreilein Oh, what a relief it is July
Scott Clark V1 earns a one-word review June
Bill Wulff Situation awareness versus the sheriff May
Michael Zois Avoiding the Porsche Tax April
John Werner Another laser, another escape March
Soni Mathew Dark were his lights and his intentions February
Joe Marra A laser winner and a laser loser January

Ed Cronauer Outnumbered but not out gunned December
Dean Herrington No bogey counter, no clue November
Oliver Solomon You can't beat this return policy October
Brad Metzler First my V1 was stolen, then I blue it! September
D. Hylen Nope, nobody here but us shoppers August
Ryan O'Shea LEOs have a LEO problem, too July
Scott Wolfhagen Flashing lights in the mirror, then whew! June
Andy Hardman One jerk, properly smoked May
Steve Oliver Okay, but our warranty doesn’t cover marriages April
Jay Hwang Opting for a Good-Neighbor policy March
Colleen Sommer V1 as first defense, flirting as backup February
Bruce Peterson Rejoice, a sinner repents January

Tom Kreiner V1 had my back December
Dallas Lovelace Who ya' gonna trust? November
Greg Jacobs A fellow traveler, traveling on business October
Brian Lively Sniper on I95 September
Sam Hobson Spotty enforcement, but the spot was right August
Timothy Courtney Plug-in stress reliever July
Richard Malsed The downhill pounce-and-grab June
Robert Cannaday Adios Escort, hola fighter-jock technology May
Kai Thomsen Goose hunters bag bogeys April
Vinny (Full Name on File) Hiding behind the obvious March
Anthony Boosalis The old “show-‘em-a-decoy” trick February
Daniel Murray Protectors need protection, too January

Mark McCarthy V1 Reaches Out from Another Car December
Nathaniel M. Boyea Bum Rap Leads to New Friendship November
Phil Idrissi Keister Saved, Dad converted October
Doug Schoenke Radar Can't Read Intent, or Lack of Same September
Chris Bundy Shoulda Hadda V1 August
Perry Payne Dark Was the Night and His Intentions July
Ben Corby It's the Arrows, Stupid June
Jason Gonzales Oh, the Bucks Not Saved May
Vincent J. Corsello Mike Had My Six April
Marty Noel Wild Weasel on I-75 March
David Risso Saved By a Gimmick February
Steven Hansen Bait Not Taken January

Jason Kelley Eeny, Meeny, Miny…Uh-oh! December
Gordon Brown It's Christmas and the Grinch Has a Quota November
Brian Jacobi Cheesehead Subterfuge October
Jack Tozzi A Streaker, Now Reformed September
Christopher Antola Thirty Days, No Return August
Jay Dignan Afternoon Light Shows July
Richard Courtney Emergency Cardiac Care June
Russ Snow Responsible With An * May
Doug Hopkins Innocent, Whatever That's Worth April
John Hopper Hidden, But Not From V1 March
Nick Copeland Should Have Known Better February
Michael Hoots Free and Flawed January

Nishan Gharibian When a Test Turns Into Reality December
Isaac Chankai Goodbye, Old Friend November
Ray Bricking Why? Because V1 Says So October
Drew Out of the Zone, Still in Danger September
Rodney Ramos Amongst the Detectors, One Out-Detector August
M. Suter A Shriek in the Night July
Harvey Taylor Uncle Knows Best June
Chad De Alva Reservation Revelations May
Mark Clemence A Guard Not Dropped April
Pierre Pham Zat You, Bogey 2? March
Shannon Cross Almost Carded in AZ February
Joe Koester Getting Serious, Finally January

D. J. Fisher Best Early Christmas Present Ever December
Bob Sides A Point Well Made November
Andy Reed Information Instead of Assumptions October
Steven Parker Bogey, Bogey, Where's the Bogey? September
Greg L. Driver, Know Thyself August
Gary Casselman The Defendant Gets Long-Term Defense July
Bryce Bender Beeps at the Back Door June
John Winterbauer, Jr Respect from the Middle Lane May
Bill Dwyer The Signs of the Man April
Steven Gee Life Under Lidar March
Matt R. Context Counts February
David Monahan Detecting More Than Radar January

Jack Zita Oh, it's Nothing December
Paul Spiegel Night of the Scoffer November
Terry Venturi Is It Broken In Yet? October
Richard Rosebrook The "Good Boy" Benny September
Ralph Pearson The Cousin Bogey Search August
Hans Romer Avoid Radar, Meet Girls July
Mike Miles Taking Casualties in Ohio, Heavy Casualties June
Matt Deblois Okay, Buddy, Where's the Fire? May
Rob Rittenberg Fighter Pilots Call It "Situation Awareness" April
Rob Nilsen Not Guilty by Reason of V1 March
David Lazarus A Rear Arrow and a Pair of Headlights February
Greg Buckland The One To Have When You're Having More Than One January

Chris Lawful One Showing and One in the Hole December
Bob Chen Where's the Fire? November
Kyle Grund Pandemic Congestion, Now With Laser October
William Moy Yea, Though I Drive Through the Valley of Radar September
Shane Martin For Lack of a Little Black Number August
Manuel De Brito A Counter to Count On July
Jay Rankin Keeping Up With the Law in Texas June
Andrew Lewis Famous Last Words: "C'mon, I'll Run Front Door" May
Richard Lewis Doctor's Little Helper April
Rowan Lawson A Construction Zone; They Were Constructing Ticket March
Brian Hawley One Motorist's Substitute for V1 February
Jeff Moyle Sheriffs Do Watch Their Mirrors January

Ron Hargrave The Sheriff Plays Peek-a-boo December
Joe Kramlinger Trunks Up, Aim, Fire! November
Jeffrey Probst The Best Christmas Present Ever October
Al Stewart Led Wrong by Little Man on Left September
Fariz Rza Two Friends, Two Detectors, One Reality Check August
Brian Lavezzoli Straight From the Trigger Man July
Joseph J. Murray Ask a Man Who Wears a Badge June
Willie Morales Behind the Truck I Saw My Enemy May
John Brown Escaped Another One, Another Moron That Is April
Alex A “Fess Up” From the Back Side of the Badge March
James Strauss What I Knew, and What He Knew I Knew February
Cliff Johnson Disgusted With Detector Tests January

James Barnes Next Best Thing to Having a Badge December
Kris Lewis Pop Goes the Bee! November
T. Pham Serves 'em Right October
Bill Barry Taxman in the Trees September
John Kunu Two Someones Watching Over Me August
Simon Longdill V1 on Top Down Under July
Michael Hilal Protection You Can't Get From Geico June
Rich Carter Fire One! Fire Two! May
Justin Seclipse Resisting the Moron Instincts April
Gerry Murphy Haircuts on Interstate 71 March
Joel Rich 8500 Crushed in Battle With V1 February
John Bolzé Squirrel-Hunting Troopers January

Julius Gee Toll Bridge, Ticket Bridge, Same Thing December
Rush Strong He Zapped My Sweet Spot, Not His November
Thomas Tang Group Encounters Of the Worst Kind October
Chris Low The Old Trailer Trick September
Frank Benevento The "Ahead" Arrow Doesn't Play Games August
Allen Ash, Jr. Sleepy Town, Heavily Fortified July
Jim Lehocky It's Not Noise If You Have V1 June
Sebastian Sassi Lasered But Not Toasted May
Jeff Bebber Attila the Weedeater April
David Doyle I Slowed, They Didn't March
Lonnie Pollocks It's Dark, But V1 Sees Them Coming February
Joseph Dimotta Three Door Openers & Three Shooters January

Derek Revello A 1994 V1 Trounces Passport 8500 December
James M. Wegielewski Ambush Masked by a Shopping Mall November
Bob Sutterfield Benign commercial gadgets or full-frontal attack? October
Paul Doetsch A False? No, Something More Insidious September
Jack Singh Three-Hundred Horsepower August
Dennis Walsh Cover Your Six, or Have Your License Ready July

Tim Grothause Nastiest Ambush Ever The Original