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TMF is a software algorithm designed to eliminate the false alarms caused by SpeedInfo, a traffic flow-measuring system being installed along some U. S. highways, which sends frequent K-band radar bursts into the traffic stream. See www.speedinfo.com to learn more.

TMF status according to the last four digits of V1 serial numbers:

  • 0301-1077: TMF is not installed.
  • 1078-1206: TMF is installed but not activated.
  • 1207-and-up: TMF is installed and activated at the factory.

If you drive on roads monitored by SpeedInfo, TMF will bring a large and immediate benefit. However, POP Protection on K band is switched off when with Traffic Monitor Filter is active (Ka POP Protection continues undiminished). K-band POP radar is rarely used but if you are concerned about it, and SpeedInfo is not used in your area, you may choose to keep TMF deactivated.

For deactivation/activation instructions, see links below.

How to know if TMF is enabled:

During the start-up sequence, just after "P....o....P," the symbol "t" will appear if TMF is activated.


Animation for activating/deactivating Traffic Monitor Filter and Junk-K Fighter from the V1 front panel:
TMF and Junk-K Fighter activation/deactivation

Written instruction for reprogramming V1 from the V1 front panel:
Tech Report 3

How to activate Traffic Monitor Filter and Junk-K Fighter with V1Connection, the app:
(Android / iPhone)