Comparing Radar Warnings

v1 vs. Ordinary Detectors*

Military strategists agree that successful defense begins with good intelligence about the enemy. Valentine One® has a unique warning system relying on both forward- and rearward-facing antennas; it goes beyond Ordinary Radar Detectors by telling you — on every alert — where to look, and how many to look for. Once you have this intelligence report, you can easily decide when to defend and when you may simply shrug off a non-threatening alarm. Consider the following situations:
Tells You**
Tell You*
  • Radar trap ahead.
Radar Locator points "Ahead,"
Bogey Counter shows "1."
  • You're passing a shopping center.
Radar Locator points "Beside,"
Bogey Counter shows number of microwave door openers in shopping center.
  • You see an oncoming radar patrol car. What you don't see is a radar trap awaiting you over the next hill.
Radar Locator points"Ahead,"
Bogey Counter shows "2".
  • The radar-patrol car (above situation) goes on by, yet the trap over the next hill still awaits.
Radar Locator points "Ahead,"and "Behind," Bogey Counter shows "2", greater threat indicated by flashing pointer. "Beep!"
  • Moving radar coming up behind.
Radar Locator points "Behind,"
Bogey Counter shows "1."
No reliable warning. If radar is dangerously close, you may get "Beep!"
  • On your daily route, you pass the false-alarm spot, but this time radar is waiting just ahead.
Radar Locator points "Ahead" and "Beside," Bogey Counter shows one more than normal. "Beep!"
  • You pass by the Highway Patrol's favorite coffee shop.
Radar Locator points "Beside,"
Bogey Counter shows thenumber of radars still powered up on the parking lot.
* Ordinary Detectors means every model offered by Beltronics, Inc.; Cobra Electronics, Inc.; Escort, Inc.;
* Radio Shack Corp.; and The Whistler Group.

** Audio warnings include "Beep" for X band, "Brap" for Ka band, "Brap-Brap" for Ka band; to adjust volume, turn knob
** in plain sight on front of unit.